smartICETM Lite

Take the 1st Step to be prepared for that unforeseen medical event by documenting your medical information and carrying it with you wherever you may go! The ICE (In Case of Emergency) applications give you the ability to store all of that data on your smart-phone and share it by e-mail with a loved one or family physician.

Brought to you by EMS Options, LLC with ICE4Safety.

smartICETM is a must have application in the event of a medical emergency! Whether you are unconscious or just nervous, this program will store the necessary medical information in an easily accessible format and alert EMS personnel if you become unconscious. This application has the capability of storing more than just the basic information needed to treat you on the scene of your emergency; smartICETM helps you keep track of your medications, past medical conditions, allergies and much, much more.

smart-ICETM Lite is a FREE, sample version of our smartICETM applications. It will introduce you to the capabilities of smartICETM and store basic personal information, current medical information along with your emergency contacts in the event of a medical emergency.

Add the enhanced features, such as QuickView, e-mail capabilities, audio recording a message, insurance information, password protection and medical history, check out the full versions on our product page!

If you are considering this application, you may understand the original purpose of ICE (In Case of Emergency), but you may not be aware that the ICE concept gained international attention in July 2005 after the London Terrorist Bombings. ICE was conceived and promoted by British paramedic Bob Brotchie in May 2005. Bob Brotchie, supports and endorses smartICETM and smartICETM 4family applications! Bob understands the detailed quality of the application and the importance of using an international symbol for ICE, not just any cute icon. Paramedics have to recognize it around the world!


  • Fast 911 access!
  • Alert Function- After dialing 911, the phone goes into an alert mode and will sound an audible alert every two minutes. (This will allow EMS personnel to find your phone and medical information if you become incapacitated!)
  • Passcode Wallpaper- This will allow you to set a custom message on your wallpaper in case of an emergency.
  • Stores all of the critical information needed in an emergency situation.
  • Dials Emergency contacts within smartICE.

EMS personnel are becoming more and more aware of the capabilities of cellular technology and smart phones. Just as they were trained to look for “Medic Alert Tags” and other medical information alert devices years ago, they are now being taught to look for information stored in digital formats and on cellular phones.

Designed by an EMS Director with over 30 years experience as a firefighter/paramedic and emergency room medic, this program has all that is needed for the EMS crews and ER staff to treat you appropriately. smart-ICETM is a product developed by EMS Options, LLC, which has combined personnel skills with over 23 years experience in the Information Technology field, and extensive cellular programming knowledge, with 30 years Fire/EMS experience to provide an intuitive, easy to use application. smart-ICE will help Fire/EMS personnel save more lives!

EMS Options has built into the design a convenient way to store medical information, so that smart-ICETM can also be used to make your daily life easier. We believe you will find that this application will stand out among the rest in reliability, ease of use and meeting your needs during very stressful times.


EMS Options recommends that you place the “smartICE” Icon in the upper left-hand corner of the main page and if you use the “Passcode” feature, activate the screensaver option with an emergency contact name and number. This feature is built into this application’s set-up and will give the emergency contact listed the option to verify who the caller is and provide a Passcode for access to your medical information.

Also, always have a back-up plan for storing emergency medical information. See ICE4Safety for hard copy cards to carry in your wallet or purse and other emergency preparedness information.

*NOTE: Apple iTunes is required to be installed on your PC in order to access the iPhone App Store and download the smartICETM iPhone application.